Student Information

Student Information

At Tristram’s we value our Student Tenants! You hear some horror stories of how tenants are treated by their agents and therefore choosing a quality agent to rent your property through is the first step in the right direction!

All of our processes are streamlined to make renting easy! Studying can be stressful and finding time to come to an office to sign paperwork for an hour is less than ideal. All of our paperwork is done online from applications, referencing, tenancy agreements and renewals the only time you need to come to the office will be to collect your keys on move in day, although quite a lot of landlords will sometimes meet you at the property.

Your documents are all received ahead of time so you can have time to read through them, and fully understand your commitment to renting a property as a student.

We have a whole range of properties available each academic year covering all areas of Nottingham, depending on which campus you wish to be near. Please get in contact with us to let us know your requirements, location and budget.

Student FAQs

Where do I go on move in day?

The majority of the time, you will need to attend our office to collect your keys, our opening hours and office address are located on the contact us page of our website. Some landlords request to meet you directly at the property, we will advise you closer to your move in date, if this is the case with your property.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring your right to rent documents with you as we have to witness this in person. We do need to see this for all tenants moving in. To see what is accepted for Right to Rent, please see the list below –

You can either provide one document from Section 1, or twodocuments from Section 2.

Section 1:

  • Current or expired British, EEA or Swiss passport
  • National Insurance card
  • Certificate/card confirming permanent residency issued by the Home Office
  • A document stating the holder is exempt from immigration control and can stay in the UK indefinitely.

Section 2:

  • Birth/Adoption certificate
  • Letter dated within the last three months from an employer, UK Government or Local Authority
  • Letter confirming acceptance to an educational institution
  • Letter dated within the last three months from a UK police force or HM prison service

Where do I pay my rent?

This will be dependent on whether we manage your property or not. You will pay your first payment of rent to ourselves. Following this we will advise you where further payments go to, either ourselves, or directly to your landlord.

Am I liable for the garden?

In theory, yes. The tenancy agreement does state you are liable for the garden maintenance. Some landlords do include this in the rental amount so we would recommend you ask!

How long does it take to get your deposit back?

We endeavour to get the deposits back as quickly as possible. If you are in a managed property with us, once all keys are returned, we will inspect the property and send the report to the landlord. If there are any remedial works to be made, we will make you aware and provide quotes for this. Once all parties are in agreement of deposit deductions (if any) you will receive an email directly from the DPS to enter your bank details and they transfer the money directly back to you within 3-5 working days.

Where do I take my keys when my contract ends?

The keys will need to be returned to our office address. If you are unable to get to the office, you can post them first class recorded delivery to the same address (please enclose them within a padded envelope). Please enclose your FULL NAME in the envelope so we know which property the keys are for. Alternatively, if you have discussed another arrangement directly with the landlord, please stick to that.

Who do I ask if there is a problem?

If we manage your property, any maintenance problems or general queries will need to be reported to ourselves, via the PropertyFile system. If you deal directly with your landlord, please go to them as your first port of call. However, we are always here to offer advice and help where we can.

When is my rent due?

Your rent payment plan will be listed on your Tenancy Agreement. If you can’t find it please ask and we can re-send you a copy.

Who is suitable to be a guarantor?

A UK resident, annually earning a provable income of 40 x your monthly rental amount (per student). For example if your share of the rent is £500 — 500 x 40 = £20,000 income per year and have no previous bankruptcies or CCJ’s.

What if I can’t provide a guarantor?

There are a few options available, such as payment upfront of rent for the term you plan to live in the property, or in some cases, landlords will accept half of the term upfront followed by the second half, at the half way stage. If you are a student on a scholarship, then we can accept your scholarship documents as a guarantee of your earnings.

What if I want to extend my stay at the property?

Get in contact! If you wish to extend, let us know. We will contact the landlord and make sure they are also happy to extend and advise you further from there.

My room mate has dropped out of Uni?

Best case scenario, you find a replacement tenant who will take that persons place. We can help you with this and advertise the room available through our portals. If a Tenancy Agreement has been signed, that person would still be liable for their share of the rent and the terms of the contract until they find a replacement. Fees apply.

I have dropped out of Uni?

Similar to above, you will need to find someone that can replace you and take over the contract. The terms of the contract would need to be exactly the same and the new tenant would have to meet suitable requirements (eg provide a guarantor). We can help you with this and advertise the room available through our portals. Fees apply.


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