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JP Lettings and Property Management

JP Lettings and Property Management:

Purchased October 2022

JP Lettings was acquired in 2022 having worked on the aquisition with the previous owner for nearly 2 years prior to completing. The previous owner was looking to emigrate to Australia in 2020 when the first Coronavirus lockdown came into force and Australia shut its boarders and stopped its VISA’s being processed for a long while after. Tristram’s continued communications with JP Lettings until we managed to complete in October 2022. This was a share purchase agreement for which we purchased 100% of the shares from the previous owner. When purchasing the company we decided our Bramcote property management department would be best placed to look after this portfolio with the high level of service this team offers and close the Ruddington office. Tristram’s are now growing this portfolio of properties offering a fantastic service to all the JP Landlords and Landladies who are continuing to bring more properties over to be managed by us.

Express Sales & Lettings

Express Sales & Lettings:

Purchased April 2022

Tristram’s were delighted with the purchase of Express Sales & Lettings in April 2022. Express was our first purchase of a medium sized agency. Express was an extremely well ran company with committed landlords and committed employee’s. Express offered a sales and lettings presence in the NG5 presence but due to the most valued employee going onto maternity leave, we decided to also bring the Express business over to Bramcote to be well looked after by our Property Management team.

Lloyd Wright Lettings

Lloyd Wright Lettings:

Purchased November 2021

Tristram’s were chosen above other agencies to be the buyer of Lloyd Wright Lettings. Unfortuantely the owner of the business had passed away and so the daughter had acquired a business that she did not want to carry on herself and wanted to sell the business onto a reputable company who would be able to look after her fathers landlords. Tristram’s were chosen from a pool of other agents, as the owners daughter knew the landlords would be best placed and well looked after by the Tristram’s team. Lloyd Wright Lettings was a small agency who landlords loved having their one point of contact with the owner of that business. Thankfully as Tristram’s also offer a one point of contact service to our landlords the Lloyd Wright Lettings landlords were more than happy with the move over to Tristram’s.

Hero Lets

Hero Lets:

Purchased November 2020

Hero Lets was a small agency purchase with only a handful of properties under management. The Owner of Hero Lets was struggling to make an income out of the business so had decided to move onto other things. Tristram’s were chosen as the purchasers for the business because the previous owner was confident in our ability to look after her clients.

Harriet Ranger Lettings and Property Management

Harriet Ranger Lettings and Property Management:

Purchased 2016

Tristram’s acquired a medium sized portfolio from Harriet Ranger as the owner was emigrating to Canada. Tristram’s had dealt with the owner of Harriet Ranger on a few matters with the letting of properties to which helped the owner feel confident in our ability and offered us to purchase her business. Tristram’s only being a year old jump at the opportunity to help boost our growth.


Why Choose Tristram's

Company Information:

Tristram’s Sales and Lettings are an award winning local independent Estate Agency covering Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Property Markets. Tristram’s have sometimes been known to go slightly further than these areas, such Mansfield, Loughborough and Chesterfield. Tristram’s have won multiple awards for the service that they provide, including an award for Small Agency of the Year 2021, competing against agents from all over the country. To date this is Tristram’s most valued award. Tristram’s often get recognised in the local area as winners against our local competitors in such awards like, The British Property Awards. Who conduct local surveys to seek the best agents once a year.

Tristram’s was incorporated in 2015 when school friends James Tristram and Fraser Barron decided to introduce Tristram’s to the Nottingham Property Sector. Tristram’s began as a Letting Agency for two years before opening Sales and changing the branded name from Tristram’s Lettings to Tristram’s Sales and Lettings. The business grew quickly because of the high level of service Tristram’s were offering clients through the Sales and Lettings markets within the Nottingham Property Market.

In 2023 Tristram’s Sales and Lettings branched out into the Derby Property Market with an additional branch. As we start to expand our business into Nottingham’s neighbouring city.

Tristram’s goals are to offer a high level of service to the East Midlands Property Sector and to be known as a well respected and trustworthy brand in the Selling and Letting of Residential Property.

So Why Choose Tristram’s?

Tristram’s are a proactive and enthusiastic company who love the Property Sector and offering a high level of customer service. Tristram’s move with the digital times to ensure that our services are as efficient and as seamless as possible when processing sales or lettings properties to completion. Tristram’s are known for their quality of marketing when it comes to showing the property in its best light, Tristram’s always take professionally trained photographs, draw floorplans, write detailed descriptions and sometimes are able to offer video property tours. Tristram’s employ a media team where via social media such as You tube, are able to offer updates on changes to property legislation and insights into areas around the City, as to why people should buy homes or rent in the area. You won’t go wrong when choosing Tristram’s, so let us move your home.

Why Choose Us

Student Information

At Tristram’s we value our Student Tenants! You hear some horror stories of how tenants are treated by their agents and therefore choosing a quality agent to rent your property through is the first step in the right direction!

All of our processes are streamlined to make renting easy! Studying can be stressful and finding time to come to an office to sign paperwork for an hour is less than ideal. All of our paperwork is done online from applications, referencing, tenancy agreements and renewals the only time you need to come to the office will be to collect your keys on move in day, although quite a lot of landlords will sometimes meet you at the property.

Your documents are all received ahead of time so you can have time to read through them, and fully understand your commitment to renting a property as a student.

We have a whole range of properties available each academic year covering all areas of Nottingham, depending on which campus you wish to be near. Please get in contact with us to let us know your requirements, location and budget.

Student FAQs

Where do I go on move in day?

The majority of the time, you will need to attend our office to collect your keys, our opening hours and office address are located on the contact us page of our website. Some landlords request to meet you directly at the property, we will advise you closer to your move in date, if this is the case with your property.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring your right to rent documents with you as we have to witness this in person. We do need to see this for all tenants moving in. To see what is accepted for Right to Rent, please see the list below –

You can either provide one document from Section 1, or twodocuments from Section 2.

Section 1:

  • Current or expired British, EEA or Swiss passport
  • National Insurance card
  • Certificate/card confirming permanent residency issued by the Home Office
  • A document stating the holder is exempt from immigration control and can stay in the UK indefinitely.

Section 2:

  • Birth/Adoption certificate
  • Letter dated within the last three months from an employer, UK Government or Local Authority
  • Letter confirming acceptance to an educational institution
  • Letter dated within the last three months from a UK police force or HM prison service

Where do I pay my rent?

This will be dependent on whether we manage your property or not. You will pay your first payment of rent to ourselves. Following this we will advise you where further payments go to, either ourselves, or directly to your landlord.

Am I liable for the garden?

In theory, yes. The tenancy agreement does state you are liable for the garden maintenance. Some landlords do include this in the rental amount so we would recommend you ask!

How long does it take to get your deposit back?

We endeavour to get the deposits back as quickly as possible. If you are in a managed property with us, once all keys are returned, we will inspect the property and send the report to the landlord. If there are any remedial works to be made, we will make you aware and provide quotes for this. Once all parties are in agreement of deposit deductions (if any) you will receive an email directly from the DPS to enter your bank details and they transfer the money directly back to you within 3-5 working days.

Where do I take my keys when my contract ends?

The keys will need to be returned to our office address. If you are unable to get to the office, you can post them first class recorded delivery to the same address (please enclose them within a padded envelope). Please enclose your FULL NAME in the envelope so we know which property the keys are for. Alternatively, if you have discussed another arrangement directly with the landlord, please stick to that.

Who do I ask if there is a problem?

If we manage your property, any maintenance problems or general queries will need to be reported to ourselves, via the PropertyFile system. If you deal directly with your landlord, please go to them as your first port of call. However, we are always here to offer advice and help where we can.

When is my rent due?

Your rent payment plan will be listed on your Tenancy Agreement. If you can’t find it please ask and we can re-send you a copy.

Who is suitable to be a guarantor?

A UK resident, annually earning a provable income of 40 x your monthly rental amount (per student). For example if your share of the rent is £500 — 500 x 40 = £20,000 income per year and have no previous bankruptcies or CCJ’s.

What if I can’t provide a guarantor?

There are a few options available, such as payment upfront of rent for the term you plan to live in the property, or in some cases, landlords will accept half of the term upfront followed by the second half, at the half way stage. If you are a student on a scholarship, then we can accept your scholarship documents as a guarantee of your earnings.

What if I want to extend my stay at the property?

Get in contact! If you wish to extend, let us know. We will contact the landlord and make sure they are also happy to extend and advise you further from there.

My room mate has dropped out of Uni?

Best case scenario, you find a replacement tenant who will take that persons place. We can help you with this and advertise the room available through our portals. If a Tenancy Agreement has been signed, that person would still be liable for their share of the rent and the terms of the contract until they find a replacement. Fees apply.

I have dropped out of Uni?

Similar to above, you will need to find someone that can replace you and take over the contract. The terms of the contract would need to be exactly the same and the new tenant would have to meet suitable requirements (eg provide a guarantor). We can help you with this and advertise the room available through our portals. Fees apply.

Student Information


If you are renting a property through Tristram’s and your property is looked after by our Tenancy Managers, then please click the below button in order to report your repair through the PropertyFile system.

If your property is looked after directly through your landlord then please contact your landlord directly to report your maintenance repair.

Report Maintenance Requirements

Instructions for PropertyFile:

  1. Please visit the above link to report maintenance jobs through to Tristrams via PropertyFile. If you have not yet set up your password, please press “Sign In” and then “Can’t access your account?”.
  2. Type in your email address and click “Send Password Reset Email”. You will receive an email allowing you to recreate a password to log into PropertyFile and report maintenance jobs.
  3. If you did not receive an email then you have potentially provided an email address that Tristram’s do not have on file for yourself.
  4. We would also advise downloading the app via the PropertyFile website so that you can report maintenance on your mobile device.
  5. When reporting an issue, please provide as much photo evidence as you can, your photos will help us to resolve the issue much quicker.


At Tristram’s we value our tenants, providing you with exceptional communication and service. We conduct our work in the interest of what is legally required should any issues arise and we will be confident to give you your legal position. Choosing a quality agent to rent a property through is the first step to making sure your property is well maintenance in a habitable state for the duration of your tenancy. In the event you rent a property through Tristram’s which is looked after and managed directly by the landlord and you are experiencing issues we will be able to give our honest advice or point you in the right direction to help your requests.

All of our processes are streamlined to make renting easy! All of our paperwork is done online from applications, referencing, tenancy agreements and renewals. The only time you need to come to the office will be to collect your keys on move in day!

Your documents are all received ahead of time, so you can have time to read through them and fully understand your commitment to renting a property.

Tenants in our fully managed properties get exclusive access to our tenant rewards scheme, which offers discounts at a large amount of high street retailers, online stores, groceries, holidays and much more. It also provides you the chance to win 1 months free rent by entering in to the monthly draw and providing feedback on our service. In January our tenant Barbara from Blidworth won her rent paid for the next month totalling £800. For more information speak to a member of our team.

Tenant's Repairs

Why Use Tristram’s for Lettings?

Tristram’s Lettings started in June 2015. Since then, we have grown and developed our service to ensure a stream-line experience for the customer. Each customer has a one point of contact service at the point of renting the property out. If your property is to be Fully Managed by Tristram’s you will then get allocated a Tenancy Manager to manage your property while the tenants are in occupation. This will include, but not limited to, general up-keep and maintenance, keeping the property compliant and ensuring rent is paid on time.

When advertising the property to rent, Tristram’s will do this by offering:

  • Professional Photography – We ensure our photographs market your property to the best of our ability.
  • Floorplans – All viewers love to be able to see a Floor Plan!
  • Detailed Descriptions – describing your property with as much detail and information as possible.
  • Highlighting Key Selling Features – We’ll make sure your properties key points are highlighted to potential tenants.
  • One Point of Contact Negotiator – You will be assigned one negotiator to deal with so it’s a one point of contact service.
  • Landlord Feedback and Communication – We provide feedback from viewings and keep you updated weekly on the current situation.
  • Marketed on Major Portals – We ensure to market your property on the big portals to provide maximum exposure.
  • Legal Advice and Legislation Change Updates – When Fully Managed we will go above and beyond in making sure you are receiving the best advice.
  • Licensing Applications and Advice – We will apply for and even hold licensing for your property in Tristram’s name.

What Services do we offer?

  • VIP Package – do you want access to off market property investment deals?
  • Fully Managed Service – We take the stress away.
  • Let-only service – We’ll find you the best tenants we can, you’ll manage the rest.
  • Portfolio building – Advice on what, where and when to buy!

Tristram's have since grown to hold a large market share in the Nottingham property market, and we are here to take the stress out of renting your property. We have a vast knowledge of the Nottingham and Derby property markets and have experience in all areas of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

Our online reviews are testament to this and can be found on our website and also on Google.

At Tristram's we fully understand the importance of your investment. We aim to get properties let out as quickly as possible and to the best quality tenants, we understand that void periods between tenancies costs you not only the loss of rental income but the burden of paying council tax and bills whilst its empty. Therefore we aim to be as proactive and efficient as possible with our applicants and processes to ensure your property is let quickly.

We take pride in our consistent and professional approach to marketing properties. We ensure the photographs are taken by trained agents with a professional camera to provide the best possible images. Professional images along with detailed descriptions, eye catching bullet points and floorplans help increase the views on your property on the advertising portals and maximise your property’s exposure, which in turn will generate a greater number of enquiries, which will be handled professionally and efficiently by our team.

We market our properties on the three major online portals which include Rightmove and Zoopla, to get as much exposure and ultimately, generation of leads.

Landlords Information